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I Should Like to Know - Harper's


When in budding trees
Bluebirds sweetly sing,
And the pretty early flowers
Come to welcome spring,
"No more cold," we think,
"No more sleety rain";
But sometimes old Winter turns,
Mocking, back again.

Then the bluebirds hide,
And the buds stand still,
And the flowers droop and shrink
With a sudden chill,
And the young vines stop
Growing in the wood,
Waiting patiently until
He is gone for good.

But when, some fine night,
In a friendly throng,
From the swampy places where
They have slept so long
Hop the frogs, and all
Loudly croak together,
Then there will be, we are sure,
No more wintry weather;

And the birds rejoice,
And the buds unfold,
And the sun upon the grass
Lies in bars of gold.
Now I'd like to know,
For it's surely so,
How when spring is really here
Frog-folks chance to know.