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A Duet by Margaret Eytinge

Sunshine on the meadow,
Sunshine on the sea;
Green buds on the rose-bush,
Blossoms on the tree.
Two wee children singing
In a rapt delight—
One as fair as morning,
One as dark as night.
Hymn-book held between them
With the greatest care,
Though they can not read a word
That is printed there.

"Jesus, Saviour, meek and mild,
Friend of ev'ry little child,
Once a child Thyself, we pray
Thou wilt guard us day by day;
For such helpless things are we,
We can only sing to Thee!"

Standing in the doorway,
Arnak smiles to hear
Bird-like voices blending
Sweet and loud and clear.
"'Pears to me de angels
Mus' be lis'nin' too—
Lis'nin' an' a-lookin'
From de hebbens blue;
Lookin' an' a-smilin'
At de pretty sight;
An' in dar eyes—bress de Lord!—
Bofe dem chillun's white."